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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Flexible curriculum

Our interdisciplinary course offer ensures a broad and deep training, exploring modern European society through history, political science, law, sociology and cultural and religious studies.
We supply you with the skills to see below the surface of contemporary issues, and to really understand the challenges of Europe.

You can tailor the programme to prepare yourself for a career in research, or for a wide range of professions which require in-depth knowledge of European political and cultural issues. Depending on which partner university you attend in your second (and possibly, third) semester, the offer of elective courses will differ, ranging from Transatlantic Relations to Postcolonial Studies to Minority Policies, etc.* 

In the third semester, you can choose whether to take an internship related to your studies or to follow a research track at a consortium university. European students may apply to spend a research semester at one of our overseas partner universities in India, Japan, Mexico or the United States.

For Erasmus Mundus scholarship students, both first and second university are determined at admission stage. For self-funding students, first university is determined at admission stage (first preferred university if places are still available, second preferred university if first is full, etc). Self-funding students then choose their second university during their first semester - they submit motivations for 2 partner universities of their choice and will be placed in either of the two universities.