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About Arete

Arete is the alumni organization of the Euroculture programme, managed by alumni and students. Its main purpose is to form a Euroculture network in order to keep in touch with each other and provide opportunities for exchanges and meet-ups.

Raison d’être
A well-functioning alumni organization is key to improve the positions graduates end up in. The Euroculture programme, with its fifteen years of connections and alumni, possesses a large potential network and Arete tries to get the most out of this. In addition, organizing and mobilizing graduates has been tough, for Euroculture operates mostly in eight European cities. With Arete it is easier for alumni to meet up, share experiences, expand their networks, do activities and most of all to have fun! In addition, it is easier for current Euroculture students to get to know alumni through the organization and make friends in higher and diverse places.

Arete: what’s in a name
The origins of the word Europe can be found in ancient Greece, where they referred to their territory as Europa. Of course the notion of Europe changed over the course of history and many have wondered –and still do- what Europe actually is. So do Euroculture students. Because of the Greek origins of the concept of Europe, the Euroculture alumni organization carries an old Greek name as well. Arete literally means ‘excellence’ and the notion was used to refer to being excellent in every way by effectively achieving results and living up to your potential. This is fitting for an organization which aims to enforce bonds among alumni of this ‘master of excellence’ in the best way possible to get the most out of everyone.

How does Arete operate?
Arete is a non-profit, voluntary organization with a personal structure. Central to the functioning of the group are representatives in different areas in Europe (and in some cases in the rest of the world!). There are two types of representatives: (1) alumni representatives, who represent their fellow graduates in the respective region; (2) student representatives, who represent current Euroculture students in their area to get students in touch with graduates. Representatives not only try to organize events themselves, they can also provide assistance to bring initiatives from other graduates and students into fruition.

Arete’s competences
– A platform through which alumni and students can interact and connect;
– Regular meet-ups in different cities;
– A gateway for alumni to stay in touch and connect with each other and the Euroculture programme;
– Regular job postings;
– An up-to-date database for the consortium.

How can I join?
Any Euroculture alumnus/alumna or Euroculture student can find Arete through:
Facebook: Euroculture Alumni: Arete 
LinkedIN: Euroculture Alumni: Arete