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List of application documents

Only applications containing all required uploads/documents will be assessed. To make sure you didn’t forget anything, check the list below.

  • If you fail to do upload any of these required documents, your application won’t be taken into account by the Admission Board.
  • There is a maximum amount of documents you can upload for each category. Check the given amount of documents allowed before you upload them.
  • There is also a maximum size per document. These are mentioned in the application tool.

Certified copies* of degree certificate(s) / diploma’s (BA, MA, etc.): minimum 1 upload, maximum 3.

* Certified means that the copy has to have official stamps from the university or from a notary who states that the document is a true copy of the original. If your degree certificate and/or transcript of records are not in English, you should provide us with a certified translation in English.

  • Please make sure that your degree and/ or transcript of records include information about the length of your studies.
  • If you have not yet completed your Bachelor degree before the deadline, please include a statement from your university with your expected graduation date.

Certified copies* of transcripts of records (list of grades and courses): minimum 1 upload, maximum 3.

  • Please make sure that your degree and/ or transcript of records include information about the length of your studies.
  • If you have not yet completed your Bachelor degree before the deadline, please upload your most recent transcripts.

Your English test results : maximum and minimum 1 upload.

  • Only the CAE/CPE, IELTS and TOEFL iBT tests are regarded as valid tests by the Euroculture Admissions Board. Any other English test might not be considered as valid and might be eliminatory.
  • Applicants from China are asked to only send IELTS or TOEFL iBT (not CAE/CPE) as proof
  • Students applying to Uppsala are encouraged to only send IELTS results.
  • Only the following candidates do not have to take an English test:
    – natives from English-speaking countries
    – students have lived in an English-speaking country and studied at the university in that country for at least a year
    – students who had English as their language of instruction during the whole duration of their BA programme

Candidates who are exempted from taking an English Test (except native speakers) do have to upload an official university statement proving that English was their language of instruction.

2 recommendation letters: 2 uploads only.

One of these letters has to be an academic letter, the other one can be a professional or a second academic letter. The letters should be written in English (regardless of the university you apply for) and should be signed, stamped and printed on the official letterhead of the institution it comes from. They should not have been written longer than 1 year ago.

You are expected to scan the letters and upload them yourself. In some countries, the academic culture forbids disclosure of such documents. In such a case, your professors/ employers are allowed to send us their letter by email at

A CV : 1 upload only.

Your CV should be written in English and entail both your academic and professional experiences.

A scan of a (valid) passport or identity card: 1 upload only.

For non-EU students, we advise to use a passport or identity card to be valid for the entire duration of the programme.

A digital passport-sized photo: 1 upload only.

Upload a passport/ID-sized photo, do not scan the photo from your passport!

Papers and/ or thesi(e)s (if applicable): 1 upload only

While all documents to be uploaded have to be written in English, you may upload these papers/ thesi(e)s in the language that you wrote it in. We would like a 200-word English summary of the paper that you think fits best with the Master Programme. You will be asked to type this directly in the application form.

Motivation letter

You are asked to write a motivation letter of max. 4000 characters. This letter should not be uploaded as a separate document, but is filled in directly into the application tool