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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Application documents

Only applications containing all required documents will be assessed. To make sure you don’t forget to upload anything, download this checklist to prepare a full application: Download Checklist Required Documents.pdf

  • All the submitted documents must be in English (except for the research paper / thesis that can be in any language, accompanied by an English summary).
  • If you fail to do not provide all of the required documents, your application will not be taken into account by the Admission Board.
  • There is a maximum amount of documents you can upload for each category. Check the given amount of documents allowed before you upload them.
  • Each document to be uploaded is restricted in size and in most cases cannot exceed 2 MB. More information is available in the application tool. 
  • In case you face problems uploading documents, please check if all of them are in the right format and do not exceed 2 MB, then try uploading them again.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions where you can find extensive information on the application process and required documents.