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Tuition fees

Tuition fees cohort 2019-2021

The Erasmus Mundus Master programme Euroculture distinguishes two types of students, each with a different level of participation costs for the 2-year programme:

  • students who hold a passport from one of the European Union or EEA countries
  • students who do not hold a passport from one of the European Union or EEA countries

EU/EEA passport holders:

  • €1.475 per semester without insurance and with the standard consortium waiver* (€5.900 for the entire programme)
  • €1.700 per semester with standard consortium waiver* and Insurance (€6.800 for the entire programme)
  • €2.025 per semester without waiver* nor insurance (€8.100 for the entire programme)
  • €2.250 per semester without waiver* and with insurance (€9.000 for the entire programme).

Non-EU/EEA passport holders:

  • €4.500 per semester, including  insurance (€18.000 for the entire programme)..

NOTE: All tuition fees, university administration and diploma costs are covered by the tuition fees for the 120 ECTS Master programme. Required literature, accommodation, travel costs and fieldwork-related costs are NOT included in the above-mentioned tuition fees.
Health insurance offered by the consortium is obligatory for students outside of the EU/EEA. For EU/EEA students it is not compulsory to get insured via the programme. In case of questions send an email to 

Consortium Waiver

The Consortium waiver is always offered to selected self-funding EU/EEA students, unless they receive another scholarship fully covering the tuition fees and living costs. The decision to grant a waiver to a selected student will be based on the information entered in the waiver application form. The form is sent to individual selected students.

For EU/EEA students of the 2019 intake this waiver reduces the overall applicable tuition fee by €2.200 ( (from €9.000 including insurance or €8.100 without insurance to €5.900 or €6.800 for 2 years, respectively). 
For non-EU students, this waiver is unfortunately not available. 

Please note that the waiver amount may vary from one year to the other.