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Euroculture Network

Euroculture is more than just a Master track. After 20 years of the programme running, with hundreds of students traveling to different partner universities, following professional placements, and building successful careers, Euroculture has grown to be a truly global network of universities, associated organizations, and alumni. 

Euroculture Consortium

Euroculture is run by a consortium of eight European and four non-European universities, each with their special programme focus and course offer. On the left are the links to more information on partner universities within and outside Europe - click to know more! 

Student mobility is the focal point of the Master programme: all Euroculture students attend at least two of the eight European universities of the consortium and get a double/joint MA degree from these two universities.

Euroculture Alumni

After graduation, Euroculture alumni go on to make careers in fields like diplomacy, international business, research, journalism, cultural management, and European administration. They keep in touch with each other and with current students via the alumni association Arete; join the Intensive Programme during the Career Day; and sometimes join Eurocompetence courses to share their experiences with students. 
Alumni statistics are available from our previous alumni research. We are conducting another survey at the moment and hope to publish it shortly.

Associated partners

On top of leading universities, different professional organizations are part of the Euroculture network as associated partners. Some of them are regularly hosting Euroculture students for professional placements, and get otherwise involved for projects within Euroculture. Download Overview of associate partners.pdf