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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Partner Universities: Europe

Spanning from Spain to Poland, from Sweden to Italy: eight Euroculture partner universities in Europe are situated in different regions and specialize on different subject areas. 

Euroculture students - always on the move!
Euroculture students - always on the move!

How many universities do you study in?

Mobility is a key element of the programme. Euroculture students start the Master in one of the eight European partner universities. In the second semester, all students have to change to a different European partner university. 

In the second year, students opt between an internship (anywhere in the world!) or a research track in any of the eight European universities. For selected European students, a research track in one of the four overseas partner universities is available. During the final semester, all students return to their first universities, with an option to go back to the second university (upon availability).

How are the universities determined?

> At the application stage: When applying to the programme, you indicate 3 partner universities where you would like to start the Euroculture Master. We always try to accommodate students' preferences when accepting them to the programme. If study places are still available at your first choice university when you are admitted to the programme, you will be placed there. If not, you will be offered to start the programme at your second or third choice.

> During your studies: Students then choose their second university during their first semester - they submit motivations for 2 partner universities of their choice and will be placed in either of the two universities.  For the third semester, there is an application procedure for research track at European and non-European partner universities (if applicable). 

Please note: for Erasmus Mundus scholarship students, the first and second universities are set by the selection committee, paying attention to candidate's preferences but not always being able to accommodate them to the full.

More information and contact details

To learn more about each universities' focus and course offers, click the respective link on the left. There you will also find a direct contact of the Euroculture team at each of these universities! 

Curious to know what the Euroculture students think of mobility? Watch this video they prepared!