Euroculture Deusto Bilbao

Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain


“The second semester at the university of Deusto was a very positive experience. The teaching staff was very involved in the Euroculture program, but also creative in its way of teaching and especially available and responding to e-mails. The university offers a pleasant international environment and a large number of student facilities: sport and other artistic facilities, accommodation but also Spanish courses and excellent library services which made my stay enjoyable and stress-free”
- Valentine Labouheure, second semester Deusto student 2015-2017

The University of Deusto is a 125 year-old, non profit university with 15% international students and has been a pioneer in the academic scene in Spain, always trying to give an answer to the professional and human demands of its students.

The University of Deusto is known for its capacity to combine a number of contrasting elements: local roots and global challenges, historic awareness and concerns for the future, leadership engagement and social commitment, intellectual rigor and experienced based on learning, competition and cooperation, tradition and innovation.

Thematic focus

Internationally experienced instructors and researchers from various departments of the University of Deusto teach at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Institute of European Studies. They provide the students with multilingual and interdisciplinary knowledge on various fields regarding Europe and international relations.

The Euroculture programme at the University of Deusto gives special emphasis to Latin American relations with Europe, as Spain holds close cultural and political contacts with the region. Debate seminars at Deusto deal with concepts such as human rights and immigration, they are a central focuses and form a distinctive aspect at Deusto with regard to Euroculture.

The University of Deusto has strong expertise on topics related to Central and South America. The specific objectives of the Europe in the wider World module offered at Deusto University are:

– To understand EU foreign policy.
– To understand the implications of EU’s international role for the wider world.
– To analyze critically EU foreign policy towards Latin America
– To be able to do critical analysis and evaluation of the EU’s foreign policy in Latin America.
– Thematic challenges of the strategic partnership
– EU–LAC summits
– Specialised dialogues: subregional and bilateral relations

The academic culture  in Deusto is characterised by its focus on the active learning of key competences, where students are supported by the instructors at any moment. Classes are held in small groups, where students are encouraged and expected to participate actively. Assessments are typically based on projects and written assignments rather than final exams.


Other information

University departments connected to the MA programme Euroculture: 

The faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Institute of European Studies

Starting date of the academic year

 1 October

 Recognition Status

  • Name of Institution: Universidad de Deusto
  • Name of the degree awarded: Master of Arts in Euroculture (Erasmus Mundus)
  • Accredited by: The Committee of the Ministry of Education

Living Costs

Estimation per month (housing, food, other expenses): €600-€700



Universidad de Deusto
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
Avenida de las Universidades 24
48007 Bilbao, Spain

Phone:  (+34) 94 413 92 18  (Maite Sagasti, programme coordinator)
Website: Euroculture Deusto
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