Euroculture Krakow

Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie, Poland


“Studying in the beautiful and lively city of Kraków far exceeded my expectations, university and city likewise. Spending the second semester there allows you to see Europe from the often underrated Central Eastern European perspective, and also to discover the relationship between Europe and Latin America. Lecturers and staff were helpful, classes were engaging and relevant seminars outside the programme were plentiful.”
- Lisa Marie Zammit, second semester Krakow student 2015-2017


The Jagiellonian University is at the heart of academic life in Krakow, combining an over 650 year old tradition as one of the first universities in Europe, the alma mater of Copernicus, with a thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere and international outlook. The growing interest in Central and Eastern Europe as a strategic boundary between east and west, together with its cultural and historical complexity attracts adventurers and wanderers of all kinds, from freelancers, international businesses to students and other urban tribes. This unique vibe and multicultural mix provide for a dynamic city that is both affordable and inviting.

The Jagiellonian University is embedded in this urban, European atmosphere, and the MA in Euroculture, situated within the Institute of European Studies, is one of the several flagship programmes that highlights this thriving international atmosphere. Alongside it are other Erasmus Mundus and double degree Masters with European and non-European partners, a Study Abroad BA programme and an in-house two year European Studies MA run entirely in English, attracting students from all over the world.

Thematic Focus

The faculty at the Institute of European Studies consists of internationally experienced instructors from various departments of the Jagiellonian University, as well as a constant stream of world-class visiting professors from universities in Poland and abroad. The goal is to provide graduate students with interdisciplinary knowledge, expertise and experience in European culture, politics and society.Topics include the nature and construction of collective identities and memory, cultural diversity, migration and citizenship, as well as participatory politics and the issue of democratic deficit, multi-level governance and normative power. While the geographical positioning of Krakow in Central and Eastern Europe permeates the academic discourse, the Institute of European Studies underscores a wider perspective on Europe, its dynamic culture(s) and societies, as well as its institutional, legal and political intricacies.

The academic culture of the Euroculture programme is somewhat different to the Polish academic culture, which is based on stronger hierarchical relationships and traditionally more passive learning. The Euroculture courses differ in that they offer active, engaged and direct modes of teaching, placing the student at the heart of the learning process. The relationships forged between Euroculture lecturers and students is one of mentorship and close intellectual contact, which is helped by smaller class sizes and personal involvement of the teaching staff.

Other Information

University departments connected to the MA programme Euroculture
The Institute of European Studies, Centre for European Studies, Faculty of International and Political Studies

Starting date of the academic year
October 1st

Recognition Status

  • Name of Institution: Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Instytut Europeistyki
  • Name of the degree awarded: MA in European Studies (Polish ‘Magister’), specialisation: Euroculture
  • Accredited by: National Authorities

 University Rankings
Shanghai ARWU 2016: 401-500
Times Higher Education 2016-2017: 601-800
QS Top Universities 2016-2017: 431-440

Living Costs
Estimation per month (housing, food, other expenses): €500-€600


Institute of European Studies
Ul. Ingardena 3, 30-060, room 135
Krakow, Poland

Phone: (+48) 12 664 7410 | (+48) 510 008 516
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