Euroculture Palacky Olomouc

Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Czech Republic


“Olomouc is a city of great surprises which you never stop discovering. There is an intimate and relaxed study environment that helps to have a nice and calm semester. Because of this, it is also the perfect place to discover more about yourself and your interests.”
- Maria Paula O’Donohoe, second semester Olomouc student 2015-2017

In 2014 the world-famous guide Lonely Planet ranked Olomouc first among the Top ten secret travel locations in Europe. The city, described as “Europe’s hidden treasure” and “small Prague”, is especially appreciated for its rich cultural heritage and exceptional atmosphere of a modern university town. The seat of the country’s second oldest university and the second largest historical center in the Czech Republic offers splendid baroque architecture, winding streets and secluded places as well as gorgeous city parks, cosy pubs and bars with the best and cheapest beer, dozens of cafés or music clubs.

Palacký university is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. It consists of eight faculties with more than 24 000 students and over 1 800 teaching staff. Palacký university is a modern institution of higher education, providing high quality teaching combined with research. The university cooperates with universities in Europe, both Americas and Asia.

Two videos that offer a little taste of Palacký University and Olomouc:
Palacký University Olomouc
Olomouc – University City

Thematic Focus

In Olomouc the Euroculture Programme is run by the Department of History, which specializes mostly in European history and culture.  All members of the department, historians of  modern as well as older European culture and history are available for consultations. At the same time, the Euroculture programme in Olomouc closely cooperates with the Department of Political Science and European Studies, Department of Sociology, and Department of Media Studies. Students are encouraged to visit the courses run by these departments, their members often supervise Euroculture theses.

The main thematic focus lies in two research seminars: one of them focused on the recent past and future of Central Europe, viewed mostly from the point of view of politics, society and culture; the other focuses on European visual culture. Both courses concentrate on understanding present-day Europe in its cultural representations.

The academic culture in Olomouc is based on partner relationship between the students and teachers. Within the courses, the students are expected to read recommended literature and prepare for each session. The courses are based on the independent research of students and discussions in class, in which students should actively participate. Assessment is based on the student’s participation in class discussions and their work on small assignments as well as written research paper or argumentative essay that usually finalise the course. The number of contact hours is usually limited to 10–12 per week, even though students are free to select optional courses primarily from the offer of the Faculty of Arts, but also possibly other faculties of the university.

Other Information

University departments connected to the MA programme Euroculture
Euroculture at Palacký University is rooted at the Department of History and closely cooperates with lecturers and researchers from the Department of Politics and European Studies, Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology, Department of English and American Studies, Department of Philosophy, Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, Department of Journalism, and the Department of Geography. Furthermore, the programme cooperates with various other departments at the Faculty of Arts.

Starting date of the academic year
Third Monday of September

 Recognition Status

  • Name of Institution: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
  • Name of the degree awarded: Master (Mgr.) in Euroculture
  • Accredited by: The Committee of the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic


University Rankings
Times Higher Education 2016-2017: 601-800
QS Top Universities 2016-2017: 651-700

Living Costs
Estimation per month (housing, food, other expenses): €250-€300


Euroculture: Society, politics and culture in a global context
Department of History
Faculty of Arts of Palacký University Olomouc
Křížkovského 10
771 80 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 585 633 241 (Hana Ferencova, coordinator)

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