Euroculture Osaka

Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Graduate School of Letters Osaka University, Japan


This university offers a part of the MA programme Euroculture, namely a Research Track in the third semester for European Euroculture students.

Since its establishment in 1948, the Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University, has enjoyed a high reputation in Japan due to its research and teaching. It is currently organized into three sections: the Division of Studies on Cultural Forms, the Division of Studies on Cultural Expressions and the Division of Studies on Cultural Dynamics and these three divisions comprise a total of 33 programmes which include philosophy, history, literature, language and arts.

The Division of Studies on Cultural Dynamics was established in 2007 to facilitate new interdisciplinary research into the many cultural issues resulting from rapid change in contemporary society that cannot be adequately addressed within the framework of conventional humanities programmes. It will train specialists in the basics of contemporary humanities and advanced language skills and hence its objective is in good harmony with the objective of Euroculture programme.

University departments connected to the MA programme Euroculture
Graduate School of Letters

University Rankings
Shanghai ARWU 2016: 96
Times Higher Education 2016-2017: 251-300
QS Top Universities 2015-2016: 63


Coordinator: Shoya Unoda –