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Apply for Euroculture by 10 January and get a scholarship!

10 Dec 2018

Around 24 Erasmus Mundus grants available for the 2019 intake - don't miss your chance. 

For the 2019 intake, Euroculture Master of Arts has 120 spots available, with around 24 full Erasmus Mundus scholarships for selected students. The scholarship application round is open until 10 January 2019. The scholarship covers tuition fees for the 2 years of the Master as well as living costs with an allowance of €1.000 per month. 
The deadlines for self-funding candidates (without a scholarship) are 1 March and 1 May 2019. 

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Only online applications submitted via the application tool are taken into consideration. Apply by 10 January to qualify for the scholarship. 
Please check this web page to learn more on the application process, and read our FAQ file to find answers to your queries. 

Contact us if you still have questions!

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

There are no limits on nationality or age of applicants. To apply for the scholarship, you need to meet the overall requirements of the Euroculture Master, and hold a degree or a proof of graduation by 10 January 2019. More specific eligibility criteria are addressed here

What if I am a self-funding applicant?

You can submit your application via the same application tool, but you have until 1 March (recommended) or 1 May (final deadline to apply) - so you're in luck! The general requirements of the Euroculture programme apply to self-funding candidates as well. 

Why Euroculture?

Euroculture offers a unique combination of in-depth knowledge and practical skills within its multidisciplinary curriculum. Flexibility to choose between research-oriented and professional tracks, and an opportunity to do an internship during your studies, are among the advantages of Euroculture.

An essential element of the programme is the mandatory mobility – Euroculture students study at minimum two European universities of the Consortium, and receive a joint Master degree upon graduation. Small-scale teaching by experts in varied, challenging fields and project-based work in intercultural teams is what prepares our graduates for successful careers. 

Euroculture has been recognized by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus Programme of Excellence. In 2017, it has been awarded Erasmus Mundus grant for the third time – allowing selected students to fund their studies with a scholarship.

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