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Euroculture Spotlight #12: Egle Rauste

21 Feb 2017

The 12th edition of the Euroculture spotlight introduces Egle Rauste, a second-year student of Euroculture in Strasbourg, Göttingen and soon Osaka. Egle is an entrepreneur, setting up an app called “The 21 Day Green Challenge” for which she and her team won “best social and green startup” during the Startup Weekend Bremen.

Thanks, Egle, for taking the time to answer our questions!

What is your affiliation with Euroculture? Where have you studied during Euroculture?

Thanks to the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, I am currently finishing my second Euroculture semester. I started off in the vibrant Strasbourg, now I am in the charming Göttingen.

What is your affiliation with entrepreneurship?

I have always been intrigued by the world of entrepreneurs. Meeting various founders, watching the numerous TED Talks, and attending different conferences and networking events inspired me to participate in Startup Weekend Bremen.  Startup Weekend is a 54 hours event where participants form teams, formulate ideas, work intensively on them and finally pitch them to a panel of judges and investors. Throughout the whole event teams are supported, mentored and guided by experienced entrepreneurs, academics, policy experts and business leaders in order to translate the ideas into actual businesses.  After Bremen, I participated in Startup Weekend Hamburg, as well as other pitching and networking events around  Germany. Even our project for the project management course in Euroculture consisted of a series of lectures and workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Tell us something about the project you set up next to your studies.

Our Startup group has pinpointed a general problem amongst the public of converting to sustainable living and a green and healthy lifestyle. Our solution is to create a simple, fun, interactive and engaging product that would serve as a starting point to green lifestyle information through a series of challenges we developed called “THE 21 DAY GREEN CHALLENGE”. For 21 days our product will provide the users with one task per day (e.g. cycling to work instead of driving, shopping without plastic bags, sharing a shower etc.) which they can carry out without cost, within reasonable time and with minimal change to their current lifestyle. These challenges come with extra information such as benefits (both personal and environmental) to taking daily challenges, cost savings and improvements to local communities and those affected by changes abroad.

The Challenges are currently set out through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) but the goal is to develop an app and a programme which will allow progress to be saved, new challenges to be added or selected, challenges to be made against other app users and interaction between users and organizations around the world. The Challenge is initially 21 days long with the intention that users who are active and like the app will prolong their challenges indefinitely.

“The 21 Day Green Challenge” won the best social and green startup during the Startup Weekend Bremen, along with a vary valuable accelerating prizes, such as office space, mentorship, etc.

What do you like the most about Euroculture?

I am sure it will not come us a surprise, but the opportunity to immerse in various different countries and cultures, and to study and work with the brightest minds from all over the world is indeed priceless. I also appreciate the flexibility within the framework of the program, allowing the students to focus on the courses and fields of their personal interest. What is Euroculture? It’s potentiality – it is what you make out of it.

What did you do before your studies?

I studied in the US, UK and Lithuania. I worked as an actress in theatre, films and TV, as a freelance journalist and an event-organizer… I did an internship in the European Commission, volunteered in TEDx events, worked in an NGO “House of Europe”in France and travelled around the world trying to figure out where I belong.

What are your plans for the future?

For now, I am excited to visit South Korea for a few months and start the research track in Japan. Afterwards, I plan to go back to Europe, wrestle the thesis down, and *drum roll* enter the job market. My desire is to combine my passion for entrepreneurship and my faith in a strong and united European Union. I believe that the new generation of creative, motivated and future-oriented startup’ers has the potential to kick-start Europe’s economy.

Where is the best place you have travelled to and why?

Israel and Palestine are definitely among my favourite places. All the cultures, religions, nationalities, and languages co-living side-by-side is nothing but inspiring. The region stands as a jewel of history, and also, due to the political and economical complexity, is of great importance in today’s world. Myanmar is another hidden pearl to cherish. But I would prefer if it remained a secret…. *wink*

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