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Euroculture Spotlight #15

06 Jun 2017

The 15th edition of the Euroculture spotlight introduces Maria Ananchenkova. Maria will start working as Euroculture's Course Coordinator at the Consortium office in Groningen as of July 1st, alongside Marloes van der Weij. Maria has graduated from Euroculture in 2016, after which she did a Bluebook traineeship at the European Research Council in Brussels.

The Spotlight focuses on special achievements or activities of Euroculture students, alumni and staff. 

Thanks, Maria, for taking the time to answer our questions!

What is your affiliation with Euroculture?

I am a Euroculture alumna, graduated in 2016, and I am currently returning to the program in a different role. Starting July, I will be working as the Euroculture coordinator at the University of Groningen.

Where have you studied during Euroculture?

Groningen was actually where I started the program. For my second semester I went to Göttingen, and after that did an internship at the European Center for Minority Issues, also in Germany. I stayed in Göttingen to write my thesis. 

What did you do after graduation?

Right after graduation I had a great chance to do a Blue Book traineeship with the European Commission, at the European Research Council to be precise. There I worked with the communications team, making the public aware of how important EU funding for research is. Soon I will be starting my first real job after my Master - and I'm happy to be doing it at the University of Groningen.

What did you like the most about Euroculture?

I think it is the diversity within the program, both in terms of subject matter and regarding the people who do the master. I found it amazing that it was possible not only to choose the university, but also the focus of your studies alog the way - this becomes especially apparent while writing the IP paper and the thesis. On the other hand, meeting people from so many different countries and backgrounds is incredibly enriching. Now that I have graduated I have a great network in all of Europe and beyond, which is really valuable both for my social life and for professional development. 

What did you do before Euroculture?

I studied Intercultural Communication at Moscow State University, and then I worked in Moscow for a couple of years: first as a teacher at the university and then in the marketing department of a private company. 

What are your plans for the future?

I start the coordinator job in July and I hope to pass the trial period, which would then mean I'll stay part of the Euroculture team for the next couple of years. In my immediate future I'm planning to find suitable accommodation in Groningen and then go to Russia for a short holiday.

Where is the best place you have traveled to and why?

A very tricky question to ask a Euroculture graduate! Only within the two years of the program I changed cities five times, and traveled to countless destinations, including five cities hosting universities of the Euroculture consortium. That's another lesson learned during my Euroculture experience - every destination is worth exploring, just keep an open mind (and pack light)! 

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