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Happy Europe Day!

09 May 2019

Have a nice Europe Day, listen to Ode to Joy, and ask yourself: Where is Europe, actually?

Europe Day is celebrated across the European Union on 9 May to celebrate the ambitious declaration of Robert Schumann to create the European Coal and Steel Community in an attempt to secure a lasting peace between European nation states. Today, 9 May is recognized as the official Europe day by the EU. 

In Euroculture, we question the perceived truths about Europe and the EU, and wonder what this day means for the citizens of Europe. Are countries that are not part of the block not supposed to celebrate a day of Europe, for example? So where do the borders of Europe lie, actually?

Last year during the Intensive Programme we asked our students and staff a question: Where is Europe? As a result, we collected amazing feedback with photos and texts painting a picture of Europe and its perception by the people living or passing through Europe. Check the results of this discussion here

If this is a kind of discussion that is interesting for you - consider joining the Euroculture MA programme in the next intake, 2019. Learn more on how to apply here

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