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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context


The MA programme is offered by a consortium of eight European universities in conjunction with four non-European universities.
Student mobility among universities is the core feature of Euroculture. Every Euroculture student studies at least at two European partner universities: after spending the first semester at the university to which the student was originally admitted, she or he has to go to a different European partner university for the second semester. In the third semester Euroculture students choose either a professional track (work placement) or a research track at any of the 8 European European partner universities. European students can also apply for a research track at one of our non-European partner universities.

Studying at different consortium universities in several countries is a crucial element of the Euroculture programme. Through this exchange, the Euroculture programme offers the chance to gain valuable academic and personal experience with divergent cultural contexts and perspectives, honing your linguistic and socio-cultural skills along the way.