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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context


The goal of the Eurocompetence modules is the promotion of skills that are of particular interest with regard to students’ entrance into the labour market. Language and presentation skills and the capacity for critical analysis and research, as well as insight into the specific structure of the EU and EU related institutions and into the dissemination of information of these institutions will be considered and developed.

Eurocompetence consists of

  • Eurocompetence modules, characterized by a problem-oriented approach, which includes project organization and management and the writing of a research proposal or professional project proposal. Total workload: 15 ECTS credits (3 x 5 ECTS credits)

and either the

  • Professional Track
    A work placement (internship) of minimally 10 weeks at a suitable European affairs related organisation or institutions, for example embassies, governments, and other international, European or regional organizations (25 ECTS credits).


  • Research Track
    A semester of extra research modules, which can be followed at one of the European partner universities or, for European students, at one of the four non-European partner universities (25 ECTS credits).