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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Intensive Programme (IP)

During the second semester all Euroculture students from all partner universities meet with Euroculture faculty and European experts during a seven-day summer school, which we call “The Intensive Programme” (IP).

In preparing for the IP, Euroculture students have to write a research paper related to the annual IP-theme. During the IP, the Euroculture students present their papers and comment on the papers of their fellow students. Group work, public lectures, excursions, workshops, and seminars form further important parts of the IP. Socialising and interaction are of course also key components of the IP.

The best IP papers are published in an annual publication. These publications can be found under Euroculture consortium publications at the University of Groningen website.

The Career Day has become an established and integral part of the IP. During this event, former students and external experts are introduced to current Euroculture students in order to help students better prepare for their professional orientation and job search after graduation.


The IP has three main objectives:

  • * To synthesise in a problem-oriented platform the content and methodologies taught during the first and second semester course units.
    * To meet and interact with other Euroculture consortium participants during a a seven-day intensive course.
    * To pave the way for the third and fourth semester, which are filled with methodological, competence-based, and research-intensive modules.

Current IP Topics

  • 2016/2018: Images of Europe (University of Strasbourg)

Past IP Topics