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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

Eurocompetence III

As a module of the Euroculture programme, Eurocompetence is designed with the goal of preparing Euroculture students for their entry to the labour market as experts of the European integration process and European culture, and their development into committed citizens. Eurocompetence modules are characterised by an interdisciplinary, project-based, and problem-oriented approach.

Eurocompetence I and II are part of the first year of the programme, while Eurocompetence III is taught in the second year.

Eurocompetence III

This course facilitates the independent preparation and writing of an appropriate professional or research grant application (depending on the specialization chosen in semester 3).

Eurocompetence III focuses on the process of writing a significantly developed project proposal. Students are first introduced to the process and theory of writing a project proposal or grant application. Subsequently, students will gain practical experience in writing their own grant application or project proposal.

Within the professional specialisation, the emphasis is on understanding the process of preparing an application as a collaborative, team-based effort, and will acquire knowledge and skills in researching and identifying potential sources of funding and meeting requirements of donors and grant providers. The research specialization is dedicated to developing detailed knowledge about the opportunities and resources for proposed PhD research projects available within the European context, and practice preparing their research project applications.