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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

MA Thesis

The Euroculture thesis is an important stage in a student’s intellectual development and the writing of it takes place in the third and fourth semester.

The purpose of the thesis is to give evidence of a student’s abilities in collecting and evaluating information, critically evaluating theories to analyze and interpret the gathered information, and  constructing, testing and defending an argument. The thesis should also demonstrate a student’s ability to present research results concisely and in a scholarly form, and further show that the student is capable of producing original and independent work.

The best Euroculture master thesis will be awarded with the Annual Liesbeth Brouwer Award (ALBA).

Thesis Topics

The Euroculture thesis should focus on an issue within a contemporary European context (20th or 21st century). This issue should be related to the field of Euroculture, which includes European culture, history, politics,  foreign relations, literature and the arts, European law, history of religion in Europe or European institutions. Just as courses taught within Euroculture curriculum of vary widely, so do MA thesis topics of Euroculture students. 

Curious about possible thesis topics? Check out some examples: Download Euroculture MA thesis - Examples.pdf