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Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context

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The Euroculture Research Track is a follow-up of the Research Seminars and (if relevant) the student’s IP paper. This track offers the opportunity to deepen the student’s theoretical knowledge, skills and understanding, and preferably relates to the student’s MA thesis topic. It takes place during the 3rd semester.

Research Track in or outside Europe?

The Research track consists of modules adding up to 25 ECTS credits which can be followed at one of the eight European partner universities or, for selected European students only, at one of the four non-European partner universities of the Consortium: UNAM, IUPUI, Pune or Osaka.

Note: the places offered for the Research Track outside Europe are limited and only offered to European students. First-year students, who hold European citizenship, may apply for this track. The application process consists of;
– selecting 2 non-EU universities a student wants to complete the Research Track
– motivating the choice for each of the two universities, indicating how the programme at the non-EU partner university will contribute to the student’s research aspirations.

Placement for a Research Track is not guaranteed and depends on the students’ merit, as well as the number of applications received and the number of positions per partner university available.

Research Track in Europe 

Students can also choose to take the research track within Europe at one of the eight Euroculture universities. Each offers their own research package (see file below). Students have to inform the consortium about their preferred research track location at the latest by 1 June of year 1 by submitting a motivation for the chosen track and explaining how their choice is linked to their research interest and further plans for research (thesis, possible plans for PhD application).


Download Research track within Europe fall 2018.pdf